Saturday, November 1, 2014

Starting a quilt

Well, as my first post I thought it would be appropriate to start a new quilt. I am not an experienced quilter at all. So as I start this new quilt for my new baby you'll be able to learn with me.

I am making a quilt inspired by this.

Today I pressed my fabric  (Moda Studio M, Mixed Bag. I purchased fat quarters from eBay)

Then, I started figuring out which fabrics I was going to use for the front of my quilt. 

Unfortunately, I messed up cutting three of them. One, I cut to 6" instead of 6.5" wide. Then in an effort to knock the last two out at the same time I accidentally cut the 6.5" in the wrong direction across my fat quarters.

Eventually I got all my pieces cut. Tomorrow I will hopefully cut the sashing and piece the top.

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