Friday, November 14, 2014

The Back Beginning

I had thought that the fat quarter bundle I had would work for the back as well. Unfortunately I underestimated by about one yard.

So, fortunately I found a yard more of the same line Mixed Bag by Moda on and its on its way here. 

My plan for the back was just piece it. I took some scraps, sewed them together, squared them up and then added another piece. 
Here you can see I chained pieced these similar sized scraps together.

Then I did the same with some larger scraps.

After squareing them up I fit pieces together I. A way that I thought they would fit together. I didn't really pay attention to the pattern on the fabric. I focused mostly on the size.

Here you can see me squareing up the edges. 

I'm learning as I go here, so this photo isn't very good at showing what I am doing. But, I have one long piece of fabric and a shorter piece. I guessed at about how much fabric of the other piece I neede to add to make hem roughly even. I had some 2" strips that I sewed together to make a little block to fill in the space.

It was after this last piecing that I ran out of fabric. Now I have to wait for the additional fabric to arrive so I can finish.

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