Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paper Challenge Quilting

My Friend April has started a lovely new blog. And she has a paper challenge every Saturday. Since my first craft obsession was scrapbooking I think I will put quite a bit of that on this page.

So her first challenge can be found here. It is a beautiful wonky log cabin bright colors quilt block for inspiration.

Lately I have been into stash busting and using little scraps. So I thought it would be neat to use the trimmings from the projects I had been working on to create a little block/title page for November in my Project Life Album. And really all those crops from cool photos should be used. This is a very quilting thing, waste nothing. 

Well, as you can see below its not pretty.

I think the concept is cool. I had this vision of a choppy/spunky layout that was haphazard but cool. And I really like the I pic of the Pinterest tangerine pumpkins at the top.

 Here is what went wrong. There just isn't enough contrast--like, way not enough. I noticed right away and thought I could fix this by putting orange marker in the spaces to try to get them to pop. This did not work. So I thought maybe I could put lines on each of the pieces. This is when it turned horrid. Because I am completely insane, I thought orange around the outside, that will fix it. Nope!

My title lettering is just sad too. But here it is in my layout. There is no saving this. I am going to scrap it and do a different title pocket for November. But, because I believe that sometimes you do fail and that's okay, I am putting it out here in internet land. So comment below your worst failures. You don't have to post a picture for proof--surely fessing up to it is shame enough (unless you want to).

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