Thursday, February 19, 2015

Planning a new quilt

So, how do you decide what quilt to make? Do you see one in a store and buy a pattern? Do you buy a book? See something on TV? Make up your own?

I am a very do it myself kind of person. I like to google image search the concept I am going for and try to be inspired. The tricky part with the quilts I like are made with half square triangles, or other basic blocks that have been around forever.

So, the good news is there are unlimited amounts of quilts you can make with those basic quilts, but it's hard to decide what to do with unlimited options.

I am trying to come up with an idea for my brother's graduation from college this June. I want to make something that is masculine without loosing fun. Sometimes I feel masculine is bla. I want to try adrinkards path quilt, but given this will be my fifth quilt I am it so sure it's a good idea.

I just saw this really cool YouTube tutorial today and think maybe I can do it. The Fons and Porter String of Pearls quilt. (Link to come when I can get it to work).

So with a 10" square maybe I can. I am looking for fabric right now to be inspired.

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